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America’s Blues

America’s Blues delves deep into the blues as it relates to all aspects of culture. It won Best Documentary (2015) at the Tri-Cities Fantastic Film Festival.

Spanish Exile

Spanish Exile explores an unseen side of modern-day exile in the western world. The film was the Official Selection of the Human Rights Film Festival (2017) and the Madrid International Film Festival (2018).



Molding Giants

Molding Giants follows sculptor Harry Weber as he parallels his extraordinary life to the legendary people that he sculpts. The film is currently in production.

where we’ve been

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  • AFI Producing Fellowship

  • Madrid International Film Festival

  • Santa Barbara Film Festival

  • Huelva Latin American Film Fest

  • Newport Beach Film Festival

  • Alexandria Film Festival

  • Theatrical distribution



who we are

Lorelia Pictures was founded by brothers Alex & Jacob Berman with the goal of creating feature length documentaries that redefine the way stories are told. We do this by utilizing the Lorelia team’s combined 20+ years of experience working in the film business. Lorelia team members have worked with Netflix, Paramount Pictures, Sony, Saban, and more.


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